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Finish Options

A quality butcher block finish needs to be resilient and tough against damage and wear. It should be able to resist moisture, heat, chemicals, and damage from kitchen utensils. Butcher block materials come in different shapes, qualities, sizes, and options for you to choose from. When looking for the best butcher finish, it is advisable to consider the most durable and attractive option, but also consider what you are using your for. 

Walnut top Oil Finish 1.jpg

Food Safe Mineral Oil

Our food-safe mineral oil finish is used to preserve a wood top that will be used in the kitchen, or if your are aiming for a natural look without stain. The FDA-approved oil we use, unlike vegetable oil, will not become rancid over time. Mineral oil never dries; but it is soaked into objects that it comes in contact with, therefore, it is important to remember to oil these tops frequently - at least monthly - to keep the wood from cracking and splitting. this finish gives a dry, natural look to the wood.

Hard Finish 

Although we love the look and color of natural wood, we do have standard and custom stain options available. Some woods are more conducive to staining than others. Maple does not take stain very well, where Ash takes it wonderfully. A Hard Finish is a multilayered protective coating that is the most durable option we offer. It will stand up to cleaning with chemicals as where as high traffic use. This option can also be chosen with a Natural Finish that basically does not add any color, but preserves the natural look of the wood. 

Rubio Monocoat

This durable, easy-to-apply, finish was first designed for wood flooring, but made a huge impact in the countertop industry, due to its superb durability and simple application process. It is also classified as safe to come in contact with food.

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